In the past eight years, Jeanette Edl has faced the fight of her life four times.

In May of 2010, she was diagnosed with endometrial cancer, which occurs in the lining of the uterus. “It came back on three occasions,” says Jeanette.

It also spread to her lungs.

Jeanette went through chemotherapy and radiation as well as targeted drug therapy. Yet after all of these treatments, she found herself facing Stage 4 lung cancer.

That diagnosis brought her to Canada’s leading cancer centre, The Princess Margaret, where she took part in an immunotherapy clinical trial.

Jeanette was treated with a drug that is intended to provoke a response from her immune system to attack the cancer.

Within a few months, scans showed the tumours in Jeanette’s lungs had shrunk by 70%.

“I was very fortunate to get on an immunotherapy drug trial program, which has brought great success and new hope to my life,” says Jeanette.

She hopes she will live to see her four grandchildren (shown in the photo above) grow up.

Jeanette says she and her family are simply in awe of the potential of immunotherapy.

“Immunotherapy is truly an area that could help many people with cancer who are fighting for their lives,” says Jeanette.

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